In The Field

San Francisco!

acs 002.jpg

Hello from sunny San Francisco! I’m at one of the biggest meetings of the year – the American Chemical Society spring meeting. Gathered together are over 16,000 chemists, giving between them over 13,000 presentations (you’ll forgive me if I don’t write about all of them).

The theme of this meeting is chemistry for a sustainable world. We’ll be hearing from some of the world’s leading authorities on green chemistry, and learning about efforts that continue to improve chemical processes, and technologies whether they are better synthesis methods or advances in renewables technology.

But there’s also plenty of other stuff going on. I’m looking forward to learning about a new class of molecules called polybenzoxazines; and learning about personalised energy generation. Even cold fusion makes an appearance at the meeting.

But for now, I had better go and put a dent in those 13,000 presentations!


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