World Science Festival: Scientists explore grey matters at The Moth

Cross posted from Nature Medicine’s Spoonful of Medicine blog. What do a Nobel prize-winning physicist, a stem cell scientist and a video game pioneer have in common? They were all onstage at New York University’s Webster Hall on Thursday night to talk about how science impacted their lives — in ways both humorous and poignant — at The Moth, New York’s quirky storytelling venue. Read the rest of the post on the Spoonful blog.  Read more

World Science Festival: Gala of Science

World Science Festival: Gala of Science

There was something for everyone’s taste in the “cool cup of science” — as actor Alan Alda introduced it — that made up the opening gala for this year’s World Science Festival in New York. The evening included an impressive roster of artists, from Yo-Yo Ma to John Lithgow to Kelli O’Hara; and an equally impressive line-up of scientists, including Stephen Hawking, the physicist to whom the evening’s performances paid tribute.  Read more

AAAS 2010: Blogs, twitter, videos … oh my!

Posted on behalf of Neda Afsarmanesh. It would have been more appropriate to have my laptop open and to blog or twitter while at the talk on Communicating Science in the New Information Age. But alas, even if I had remembered my laptop at 8:30 in the morning, it would have been useless at the San Diego Convention Center; oddly enough, most of the rooms lack WiFi. So I stuck it out with the ways of the “old information age”: pen and paper. The take home message from my quickly jotted notes: traditional media formats may be falling out of  … Read more

AAAS 2010: 13 months of science and Obama

You have to hand it to Eric Lander: he gives a good talk. At last night’s plenary session, he admitted he would have been more comfortable talking about the human genome. But as one of three co-chairs of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) he was instead tasked with reflecting on science and technology in the Obama administration just over one year in, and he kept the full house rapt.  Read more

AAAS 2010: It’s all about people

Scientists aren’t just building bridges to the rest of society – they are, of course, part of society. And to me, science is fascinating because it is about people: people obsessive about what they do, who make mistakes and do normal people-things.  Read more

AAAS 2010: Sun, dolphins, delusion

Posted on behalf of Rex Dalton. The gorgeous warm winter weather of Southern California greeted an expected 8,000 attendees in San Diego for this year’s meeting, where most scientific sessions begin Friday February 19. Along with workshops and clinics on various specialties, Thursday was dominated by press conferences that will begin a cycle of such things carrying issues of scientific import to the world. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Bridging Science and Society.” Fittingly, the press conferences heralding scientific symposia were on translational medicine, dolphins and their capabilities for human research; green power, the census of marine life,  … Read more

World Science Festival: See through brain

The title for the session Transparent Brain: Visible Thoughts was inevitably misleading: each speaker fully acknowledged that their research has made only a small step towards the ambitious goal of understanding the thoughts brewing in the crevices of the brain.  Read more