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The reception

Well, the reception was delightful. The food was excellent and the wine got good reviews. But before the eating and drinking came the speeches by chemistry worthies from across the continent. Generally, they were short and expressed pleasure in European chemistry coming together in this conference, and in the umbrella organization, EuCheMS. The MS on the end stands for “molecular science,” and is part of a decided emphasis on the molecule which seems to me to be a bit of an attempt to grab more territory for the field.  Read more

Jó napot kívánok

Jó napot kívánok from Budapest, where the European chemistry community has decided to get together in the first ever European Chemistry Congress. The scale of the thing is impressive for it being a first: 2,500 registrants from 65 countries and an abstracts book the size of a phone book (do they still make those?).  Read more

ECC: European Chemistry Congress

Emma Marris heads to Budapest this weekend to attend the first European Chemistry Congress – a meeting whose goal is to promote cutting edge science, foster collaboration, and “enhance the image of chemistry”. Join us here for daily diary reports from the meeting, from 27-31 August.  Read more