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Poznan: Fun and games after all

P.S. Scratch the questions about people not having fun, raised in my post yesterday. Many of the folks I talked to last night celebrated until 5 a.m. Saturday (Sunday morning, rather) at a party tossed by various non-governmental organizations. It’s an annual event, I’m told, that takes place at the midpoint of the conference each year. And for the record, multiple sources reported seeing none other than UN climate chief Yvo de Boer on the dance floor. No idea when he went to bed…  … Read more

Poznan: on the ground

“Heard it’s dark and rainy” a fellow traveller wrote in an email to me Friday, as I was finishing up preparations for the trip. Toss in a few logistical issues, including some long commutes from out in the suburbs, and you get a sober assessment: “People are not having fun.” So I wasn’t terribly surprised when I arrived this morning to find Poznan dark and rainy. To be fair, the sun has since made a brief appearance, and it’s not exactly cold. But Bali it’s not.  Read more

Poznan: Perusing the news…

I’m not sure how many stories Google News would have picked up searching for “Poznan” on a random day in, say, 2005. A city of some 561,000 people, Poznan has been around for about a millennium and claims to be the cradle of Polish civilization. The city apparently has a long history of trade fairs, and its conference center is the largest in Poland. But still. Google tells me it has found some 1,600 stories in the last 24 hours, and spurious though that number may be, my guess is that the media spotlight is certainly brighter than usual.  Read more

Poznan: A brief literature review while we wait

No major news out of Poznan yet, but there’s been no shortage of analysts and experts and panels addressing the topic here in Washington. The primary message is one of managing expectations, for both Poznan and next year in Copenhagen, such that “failure” doesn’t become the primary message if, as most expect, the talks stretch into 2010 and beyond.  Read more

Poznan: meeting kicks off

Cross-posted from The Great Beyond, on behalf of Jeff Tollefson: The United Nations global warming negotiations got of to a predictable start today in Poznan, Poland, with global leaders calling for urgent action to stem the rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Day one also offered a taste of the antagonism that has become a hallmark of US relations with most of the world during the George W. Bush administration. This might make for good press, but everybody is already looking forward to President-Elect Obama, who has pledged aggressive regulatory action to curb emissions. Polish Prime Minister and conference host Donald  … Read more

Poznan: the chief US negotiator speaks

Cross-posted from Climate Feedback, on behalf of Jeff Tollefson: Shortly after finishing up this week’s Nature story (subscription required) on the upcoming climate talks in Poland, I finally secured an interview with US Ambassador Harlan Watson, the United States’ chief climate negotiator.  Read more

Poznan: the next round of climate talks

Jeff Tollefson, Nature‘s climate reporter, will be at the UN climate conference in Poznan, Poland, starting this weekend. He’ll be posting updates from the meeting as they happen on this blog. For his preview of what to expect from the conference — the last big step before negotiators convene in Copenhagen next year, hoping to hammer out a successor to the Kyoto Protocol — see here (subscription required).  Read more