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Idle Speculation

As the mission management team goes into its afternoon meeting, the press pool is sitting around, speculating on whether they’ll shoot Friday. There are arguments for and against, but one thing seems clear: if they need to replace the fuel cell, they’ll think seriously about launching later in the month—even if that means launching at night.  Read more

Travelling with the Cameramen

Last night I took a trip out to the pad with the camera corps and learned a little more about how one goes about photographing the shuttle. Since you have to be several kilometres away from the launch pad when it launches, you need one of two things: a very long telephoto lens or a remote control camera.  Read more

Getting Ready to Roll

The mission management team announced tonight that they are holding off on the decision to roll the shuttle back into the Vertical Assembly Building until 7:00am tomorrow. But LeRoy Cain, the highest ranking member of the shuttle team, sounded downbeat about the threat posed by Ernesto: “It would take a relatively significant change from the current forecasts that we’re seeing to prevent us from going into rollback preparation.”  … Read more