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Beam away!

Well here we all are crammed into the globe, the weird little ball outside CERN. They’ve got a big TV up where we can watch as the LHC operators inject the first beam. They’re not going all the way around in the first go. Rather, they’re injecting it in phases around each of the LHC’s eight sectors. It’s a little hard to say exactly where they are because there’s no audio at the moment, but it looks like they’ve gotten beam to point three or so.  Read more

CERN’s advanced technology

CERN's advanced technology

The LHC may seem pretty advanced, but it’s got nothing on CERN’s high-tech coffee machines. That’s right, they’re fully automated and even have a touch-screen interface. It’s the coffee of tomorrow, today folks. Most importantly, it’s plenty tasty. Image: Geoff  … Read more