In The Field

Behind the Scenes at this year’s Cell Slam

I had a primo vantage point for this year’s Cell Slam, ably covered by our intrepid reporter Ewen Callaway here. Cell Slam is a free form poetry and performance art competition for life science geeks. There are few rules to follow — basically three minutes, a mic and no Powerpoint — and the event drew quite a crowd. I was involved (as an absurdly non-illustrious member of an otherwise illustrious panel of judges, including NYTimes’ Natalie Angier, WaPo’s Rick Weiss, NPR’s Joe Palca, Science’s Jennifer Couzin, and NIH director Elias Zerhouni), so I can’t really cover the event in an official unbiased way. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share just a bit of what went on behind the scenes. 


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