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Watch Gattaca, Debate Gattaca, Drink Beer

You know what? I’ve never seen this modern sci-fi classic, which explores a ‘dystopian’ near future of genetic meddling. I fully intend to correct the omission by heading down to a very special screening on Monday 19 April. Anyone want to join me?

The screening takes place at the Paradise by Way of Kensal Green pub, long-winded of name but exquisite of décor. After the film, there will be a short discussion about the issues raised by the film. The event is put together by the team behind the Big Ideas events – evenings of pub banter around a topic of high importance. This is the second in a series of film screenings that work in the same spirit.

The Big Picture: Gattaca runs at Paradise by Way of Kensal Green on 19 April. Doors open 7pm. Tickets are available here. Let me know if you wanna come along. Be good to get some real scientists there.


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    Eva Amsen said:

    Want, but too far! (Or too early and on the wrong day, depending on how you look at it.)

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    Erika Cule said:

    Maybe, will let you know. Gattaca was once screened by the then-newly-re-formed BioChemSoc at Imperial, after the film won unanimously a vote for what to screen at a film night.

    I have seen it, but would watch again!

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    Jennifer Rohn said:

    Unfortunately it conflicts with this month’s Fiction Lab!

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    Åsa Karlström said:

    aww… that sounds so much fun. Too bad I’m across the water. if you would post something about it afterwards for us poor people who can’t make it?!?

    I did see it in the movies and liked it so I would like to know more about what people talk about afterwards nowadays… I mean, it must be like 10 years old or so?! (shudders when I realise that it’s been a long time)

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    Cath Ennis said:

    Gattaca is a great movie! The American Society of Human Genetics once did a similar screening and discussion at their annual meeting, and it was great fun to hear everyone’s perspectives.

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    Matt Brown said:

    Ah, shame it clashes with Fiction Lab. Was hoping you, Richard, Stephen might have been up for it.

    Erika – do come!

    Asa – yup, I’ll write up any interesting conversation that comes out of it.

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    Alejandro Correa said:

    Is a good movie. The theme is well developed. But perhaps fault theme in the end of the movie. One is on tenterhooks.

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