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The Best Science Events in London This Week: 19-25 April

These listings cover lectures, screenings and other events that are open to anyone and do not require specialist knowledge. In some cases, it may be necessary to pre-book. For conferences and more academic events, see the Nature Network London calendar.


6pm: Born Gay: The Origins of Sexual Orientation, Museum of London.

Is our sexual preference genetically or culturally determined, or both. Slightly odd one for the Museum of London, but part of Gresham College’s ongoing lecture programme.

7.30pm: The Big Picture: Gattaca, Paradise by Way of Kensal Green (pub)

A chance to watch the cult movie about genetic determinism and then debate the issues with a room full of beery brainboxes (and me). £5.


1pm: Blood under the microscope: William Hewson, an 18th-century anatomist, the Hunterian Museum

Lunchtime lecture exploring the life of the haematology pioneer William Hewson. Free.

6.30pm: Mammalian diversity: past, present, future?, the Royal Society

In this international year of biodiversity, Imperial’s Andy Purvis examines the history of mammalian ecology, and which species might be screwed if present trends continue.


7pm: The Science of Scent: Adventures in a Creative Mind, the Royal Institution

Will Andrews of Proctor & Gamble discusses where the ideas for new perfumes come from.


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