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Social Media Week: London

This week is Social Media Week worldwide, a week dedicated to all things social media, with thousands of events going on in dozens of cities as well as, of course, online.

As part of this week, is organising a special edition of SONYC, the monthly discussion meeting in New York on a whole range of topics to do with science online. This month’s is entitled “Beyond a Trend: Enhancing Science Communication with Social Media” and will be held on Thursday night NY time at the American Museum of Natural History, featuring panelists from the AMNH, the NY Times and more, but if you can’t make it or are a continent away, you can follow online watching the livestream: all the details here.

Meanwhile, will be running a series of special features to co-incide and readers of our sister blog Of Schemes and Memes will have already read the first offering of the week: Alan Cann from the University of Leicester discussing his use of social media within the university curriculum.

But as well as online events, there are also real world events and London has more than a hundred events planned. The majority you don’t need to book for, but do check as some are already booked up. To pull out one potential highlight for scientists, you might be interested in Thursday afternoon’s The Psychology of Online Influence, looking at how psychology and marketing can come together to predict trends. Panelists include David Stillwell, Research Associate at The Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge. 1-2:30pm at the Design Council.

Have you been to any other good SMW events? Or got any recommendations? Let us know!


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