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The Friday Quiz – 20th July

Welcome to the second installment of the Friday quiz, this week featuring more pictures to identify, a rather tenuous London Tube station/ornithology link up, and even more besides. So without further ado, let’s get to it…

Round 1 – Original names

These are the original names of scientific discoveries which we now refer to rather differently. Can you identify how these are all known today?

1. Dephlogisticated air

2. Brontosaurus

3. Primeval atom hypothesis

Round 2 – Avifauna of the London Underground

Yes, it’s the aforementioned tenuous, some might say contrived, link up between the London Tube and British birds:

1. Can you name three London Tube stations with the names of birds within their names? (NB: multiple uses of the same bird don’t count – it must be three different birds. Family names are acceptable as well as distinct species, and any other imaginative punnery or similar will be accepted too.)

2. What is the link between the following London Tube stations and British bird species:
Canada Water, Brent Cross (if we were to extend things to London bus stops, then Snow Hill could feature here too)

3. And similarly, what is the link between the following London Tube stations and British bird species: Wood Lane, Clapham Common, Green Park

Round 3 – The picture round

In this week’s picture round, you merely have to identify who the famous scientist is in each of the pictures below. However, the pictures have been cropped so you only get to see one bit of each person – hopefully a fairly distinctive bit, but just a bit nonetheless:


Public domain


Public domain


© The Royal Society

Round 4 – Ology knowledge

What would students of the following –ologies be studying?

1. Herpetology

2. Selenology

3. Limnology

Round 5 – The Wonders of the World

One question but multiple answers for this one. Most people can name the likes of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Pyramid of Giza etc as among the Seven Wonders of the World – but how many of the earthly features commonly referred to as the Seven Wonders of the Natural World can you name?

As with last time, answers will appear on Monday, and there will be another quizzing fix to enjoy next Friday. Good luck!


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