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UCL Bitesize Lectures: Renewable Energy vs the MOD

Slightly underground in all senses of the word, the best way to spend your Friday lunchtimes at the moment is with the weekly series of lectures held at UCL. Called Bitesize, the weekly event is held in the basement of a cafe in UCL’s Lewis’s building (at the Euston Road end of Gower Street) and lasts 45 minutes. There are two speakers per event, both early career stage researchers from UCL, and each gets 15 minutes followed by five minutes worth of questions to talk about their latest research. It appears popular; the 40 or so people attending today’s lectures had more questions than there was time to address in the time.  Read more

Storify: Behind Basketball

Wednesday night saw the first in a new series at the Royal Institution. Called Cutting Edge 2012, it will tie in with the London Olympics, looking at the science and research behind a series of Olympic sports. First in the spotlight was basketball, with sports science researchers Prof Mike Caine, Dr Maria Kavussanu, an expert in morality in sport, Prof Steve Haake and Dr David James, expert in sports engineering, as well as Paralympian Team GB wheelchair basketball coach Colin Price and player Tyler Saunders.  Read more