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So long…we are now over at SpotOn

So long...we are now over at SpotOn

The London blog is no longer being updated, although you can still read the archives. If you’d like to find out about discussions in London on how science is carried out and communicated online, you can check out the new SpotOn events microsite. SpotOn stands for science policy, outreach and tools online and reflects the three main discussion topics that the annual two day conference covers:  … Read more

Reaching Out: Public Lectures at Gresham College

Reaching Out: Public Lectures at Gresham College

Science Online New York (SoNYC) encourages audience participation in the discussion of how science is carried out and communicated online. To tie in with June’s event which looks at how scientists reach out of the ivory tower, communicating science to the public, we’re hosting a series of guest posts on Nature blogs. We will hear from a range of contributors: scientists, writers, enthusiasts, communicators, events organizers, policy makers and teachers, each sharing details about how they engage and reach out to the public.  Read more

Science Events in London: 4 – 9 June

A perhaps predictably slow week for events this week, with apparently half of London scientists watching the Jubilee or amusing the kids for half term, and the other half decamped to the Hay festival. So if you happen to be near Hay-on-Wye, you will have a plethora of choices, including a range of really interesting looking events from the Royal Society, but for those still left in London, sparser than usual pickings with some organisations including ZSL even cancelling scheduled events.  Read more

STORIFY: TalkFest – Science Communication and Political Divides.

A common caricature of science is that it likes to think of itself as above politics; a disinterested, purely empirical interaction with the natural world. But what about the public communication of science? The May TalkFest event was held tonight at the Biochemical Society with guests Alice Bell, Simon Lewis, Steve Cross, Michael Brooks and Felicity Mellor asking whether science communication can ever be apolitical and whether it should even try.  Read more