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April ’09 Conferences

Better late than never I always say. Anyway, now that we are over two weeks into April I am finally posting the conference schedule for Nature Methods editors. Nathan (our technology feature editor) is already at AACR in Denver and Natalie (one of our Associate Editors) is on her way to the Keystone meeting in British Columbia.

American Association for Cancer Research (Denver, CO) April 18-April 22

AACR is celebrating their centennial and Nathan Blow, who edits the Technology Features, is already there. We have only published a few papers targeted directly to cancer researchers but these investigators are heavy users of general techniques and technology. There will undoubtedly be many company reps there for Nathan to talk to about their new and upcoming products.

Keystone Symposia – Stem Cell Niche Interactions (Whistler, British Columbia) April 21-26

This is the second year Natalie de Souza is attending this conference. It turned out to be productive last time and hopefully this year will be as good or better. Competition for high quality papers in the stem cell arena is tough but our recent publication of a very nice iPS cell paper by Allan Bradley was a very good development.

Keystone Symposia – The Biology of RNA Silencing (Victoria, British Columbia) April 25-30

The trips to Canada continue with Nicole Rusk going to see what is new in the area of RNA silencing. We have always had a strong interest in this area as evidenced by our Focus on RNA interference published back in 2006. Now much of the community seems to be focussing their attention on naturally occurring small RNAs.

Information on the Nature Methods editors can be found here.


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    Sergio Stagnaro said:

    May I invite kindly Nathan Blow to helping me asking to AACR "In your opinion do Oncological Terrain “and” OT-Dependent, Inherited, Oncological Real Risk in one, or more, biological system(s), bedside detected SINCE BIRTH with a stethoscope, really exist?" In case of YES, with what Method these pathological conditions have been discovered? I did not receive a clear-cut answer from AACR, although is spreading them:for instance, /news/thegreatbeyond/2009/01/armistice_day_for_science.html#comments


    /nm/spoonful/2008/07/product_placement.html#comments ; /nm/spoonful/2008/05/our_new_columns_narrowing_the.html#comments , and especially /nm/spoonful/2008/04/stress_as_a_therapy_1.html#comments