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Top downloads for April ’09

We’ve now been posting information on the most-downloaded papers in Nature Methods for three months now so I think we can dispense with the introduction. Please see the earlier posts for basic information on how these rankings were determined.

As I have commented previously, the next-generation sequencing papers continue to generate the most interest and occupy the top three spots for most-downloaded papers published in the April issue. A variation on an established, but relatively unknown, scanning probe method for imaging the surface topography of cells squeeked in at number four.

Top 4 research papers published in the April issue

1. Global mapping of protein-DNA interactions by digital genomic footprinting

2. Amplification-free Illumina sequencing-library preparation facilitates improved mapping and assembly of (G+C)-biased genomes

3. Quantification of rare allelic variants from pooled genomic DNA

4. Nanoscale live-cell imaging using hopping probe ion conductance microscopy

[Update on 5/13/09: A question came up regarding the popularity of Correspondences. If these are included in the above list, the Correspondence describing the UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser would be ranked #1.]

There has been very little movement in the list of most popular papers published in months prior to the issue month being analyzed. The top seven positions just moved around a bit. Only the last three positions see the appearance of new arrivals. The Lifeact paper makes an appearance due to a Correspondence published in the May issue of Nature Methods and the proteomics paper has retained its popularity after being published in the March issue. A surprise appearance is made by a paper we published in August 2006. This is the STORM super-resolution imaging paper that scooped the competing PALM paper in Science by one day. Looking at data from past months shows that this paper has been hanging out just under the number ten spot but has been seeing a slow but steady increase in the number of downloads. It is tempting to speculate about the cause of this but I’ll avoid doing so.

Top 10 research papers published prior to the April issue

1. Mapping and quantifying mammalian transcriptomes by RNA-Seq

2. Stem cell transcriptome profiling via massive-scale mRNA sequencing

3. Genome-wide analysis of transcription factor binding sites based on ChIP-Seq data

4. Stable knockdown of microRNA in vivo by lentiviral vectors

5. Photoactivatable mCherry for high-resolution two-color fluorescence microscopy

6. Genome-wide profiles of STAT1 DNA association using chromatin immunoprecipitation and massively parallel sequencing

7. miRNA in situ hybridization in formaldehyde and EDC-fixed tissues

8. Lifeact: a versatile marker to visualize F-actin

9. Quantitative interaction proteomics using mass spectrometry

10. Sub-diffraction-limit imaging by stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)


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