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Recent methods papers from the literature

Our July issue went live last week, and as always, it includes our popular Research Highlights section. Here is a list of some interesting methods papers we considered (which were published over the last month or two) but were not able, because of space reasons, to cover in the journal.

Metastable Pluripotent States in NOD-Mouse-Derived ESCs

Cell Stem Cell 4, 513-524 (2009)

A Small Molecule Primes Embryonic Stem Cells for Differentiation

Cell Stem Cell 4, 416-426 (2009)

Reprogramming of murine fibroblasts to induced pluripotent stem cells with chemical complementation of Klf4

PNAS 106, 8912-8917 (2009)

Diversity and Complexity in DNA Recognition by Transcription Factors

Science 324, 1720-1723 (2009)

Efficient siRNA delivery into primary cells by a peptide transduction domain–dsRNA binding domain fusion protein

Nature Biotechnology 27, 567-571 (2009)

Mixing and Matching Detergents for Membrane Protein NMR Structure Determination

JACS 131, 7320-7326 (2009)

GPIomics: global analysis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored molecules of Trypanosoma cruzi

Molecular Systems Biology 5:261 (2009)

Metatranscriptomics reveals unique microbial small RNAs in the ocean’s water column

Nature 459, 266-269 (2009)

Shifted Transversal Design smart-pooling for high coverage interactome mapping

Genome Research 19, 1262-1269 (2009)

Identification of protein O-GlcNAcylation sites using electron transfer dissociation mass spectrometry on native peptides

PNAS 106, 8894-8899 (2009)

Matrix-Free Formation of Gas-Phase Biomolecular Ions by Soft Cluster-Induced Desorption

Angewandte Chemie 48, 4162-4165 (2009)

Antigenic protein modifications in Ehrlichia

Parasite Immunology 31, 296-303 (2009)


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