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Top downloads for August ’09

A paper describing a potential new pipeline for structural genomics based on small angle X-ray scattering was far and away the most popular paper of the August issue. It will be very interesting to see what kind of impact it has on the field. While it may not provide high-resolution structures like x-ray crystalography, it is certainly faster and has a higher success rate, both of which are critical parameters for high-throughput pipelines. A paper from Helicos describing new terminator nucleotides for single-molecule next-generation sequencing (or should this be 2nd or 3rd generation?) made it to the #5 spot.  Read more

Top downloads for July ’09

Two Correspondences made the list of top downloads for July coming in at #3 and #4, demonstrating that while this format may not report new methods it does have information of high interest to readers. The two top downloads seem to highlight a high level of interest in assaying single cells and using FRET to examine protein dynamics.  Read more