Scientific blogging plug-ins

Are there any aspects of Blogger, MoveableType or WordPress that could be tweaked to make them more suitable for science blogging? Any plugins that’d be really useful?

I’m thinking of things like:

  • A plugin that took the work out of finding the free version of a paper (where available) – you just enter a DOI and the software automatically replaces it with the most appropriate final destination.
  • A bibliography / reference builder that tied into Connotea, CiteULike and / or Zotero
  • Automated submission of research-heavy posts to Precedings or WebCite

Any of those sound useful? Any other suggestions?

We were discussing this in Web Publishing because there’ve been two WordPress plugins of interest to the science blogging community released recently.

The first is Pierre Far’s EasyPg which makes it easy to include the relevant openreview friendly markup in your blog posts so that it can be picked up by sites like Postgenomic and Chemical Blogspace.

The second is ConnoShow by Andrew Straw which lets you embed Connotea bookmarks in your posts. Andrew’s plugin is pretty simple at the moment but as he points out the possibilities are intriguing:

Although the current version is perfectly functional, its simplicity means it only suggests what is possible. For example, automatic bibliography generation with in-text citations and custom styles seems a straightforward, if somewhat labor intensive, extension.

There are a lot of talented developers out there. Maybe some could get together to create an easy to install, open source ‘so you want to run a science blog?’ package of plug-ins for the popular blogging platforms?


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