Finding the right links

“Linking” is one of those things that crops up all the time in science and publishing. This week’s Cell Migration Gateway shows typical examples of two of them: links between cells, and links between databases.

An ever-present toil in the life of many database curators is linking between databases. So it’s good to report another step forward. The Cell Migration Gateway’s Knowledgebase has been supercharged with an array of links to many other databases, including (and please forgive the plug) our very own NCI-Nature Pathway Interaction Database. See

Finding the right links is a challenge cells face too. Particularly in the developing brain where, in one of the great wonders of the natural world, nerve cells move around to find just their perfect partner cells. It’s been known for a long while that so-called gap junctions are the “mouths” that cells use to communicate with each other, but now it seems that the nerve cells somehow use their mouths to move around in the brain. If that seems strange to you … read a summary of the story.


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