Second Nature Events: Creating an Artificial Ecosystem in Second Life

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Moving swiftly on from last week’s trials, next week in the Second Nature events series, our attention turns to Second Life itself as we welcome Luciftias Neurocam, the head of the Ecosystem Working Group

Luciftias (Dr Corey Hart, a neurobiologist from Drexel University in his spare time) is the founder of the EWG, who created the content of the popular sim Terminus. On Terminus, a group of scientists and programmers created a series of “living” creatures which survive, reproduce and interact according to defined rules. The result is a fully functioning ecosystem, which has recently moved to a new home on Second Nature.

Luciftias will be telling us about the ecosystem, what it does, results so far, and what their future ambitions are. He will take questions and then lead a tour of the ecosystem.

All welcome for what promises to be a fascinating look at one of the most interesting scientific uses of Second Life to date. Please note: the time is 2 hours earlier than our regular time.

Title: Creating an Artificial Ecosystem in Second Life

Date: Monday 22nd October

Time: 9am SLT/PDT, Midday EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm BST

Location: Second Nature Island

Contact: Joanna Wombat


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