Second Nature Events: New Taxonomy and the Origin of Species

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Apologies for the short notice, but today we welcome Dr Shai Meiri from the NERC Centre for Population Biology to Second Nature.

Shai has a broad range of interests, and today will be talking to us about his recent publications on vertebrate taxonomy.

How many species are there in the world? How do we know if we’ve found a new one, or if it’s just a sun-kissed version of the same old leopard? And why is conservation so dependant on accurate classification?

Join us with Shai for a discussion on all these questions, an introduction to the species of the world and a broader look at conservation policy in general. No specialist knowledge required – all welcome!

Voice will be used – come along ten mintues early if you need help setting it up.

Title: Are we artificially inflating number of species, and why does this matter?

Speaker: Dr Shai Meiri, Imperial College

Date: 29th October – TODAY!

Time: Midday SLT/PDT, 3pm EDT (East Coast time) 7pm GMT (London time) *

Location: Second Nature Island

Contact: Joanna Wombat

  • The clocks have gone back in London, and this has left me slightly confused about time, so I hope this is right – it is definitely 7pm GMT, everything else was worked from there using the World Clock


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