Second Nature Event: The Importance of Patents to Scientists

The next event in the Second Nature Lecture series is today and is the rescheduled event about patents.

Our guest is Sue Scott, a patent attorney working as a consultant to Abel & Imray in London. Before that, she acted as an advisor on patent matters to the UK government on a number of occasions, was Head of Patents at BTG and originally began life with a chemistry degree from Oxford.

Sue will talk to us all about patents in science, why patents exist and are controversial, explain the basic things all scientists need to know about patents, and attempt to dispel some of the most common misconceptions about patents.

Judging by the interest in at the last abandoned event, I’m certain this is going to be a fascinating event, and Sue is prepared for rigorous questioning!

All welcome – please do come along! Voice will be used, so if you need any help setting up, come along a few minutes early.

Title: This Importance of Patents to Scientists

Date: Monday 5th November

Time: 11am SLT/PDT, 7pm GMT

Location: Second Nature Island

Contact: Joanna Wombat


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