Nature Network pub nights-coming to your town?

Over at Nature Network, we have been organizing monthly pub nights for scientists in Boston and London…casual get-togethers for people to meet and chat over drinks.

This week, we at NN were really excited to see for the first time the Nature Network pub night being franchised in other cities. Way to go! On Tuesday, scientists in Berlin gathered and on Wed, scientists in NYC got together. You can read the reports from their events here and here.

So I would encourage any of you in other cities that are hotbeds of science to organize your own networking events for scientists. It’s easy. Just set up a group on Nature Network, invite your friends to join it, get them to invite their friends, pick a date, time, and place and away you go. Let the editors know too (network at so that we can help you promote the event. We’ll also send you cool NN swag to give away.


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