New home for Second Nature

Every day I tell people about Second Nature who say “How cool! Where can I find out more?” and I’m torn between giving them a SLURL they won’t know what to do with or a blog which is not a lot more than a list of upcoming events.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to introduce a new site on

Something of a work in progress, we hope this website will be a starting point for newcomers, an introduction to what Second Life’s all about and what we’re doing there, as well as providing listings of all our upcoming events and guides to the best places to see in Second Life. Obviously this is just the first version, but we will be regularly adding to and rotating the content, so if you know a good science-y place in Second Life, by all means send it over and it’ll pop up there sometime.

Most importantly, we hope this will make it easier for people who have heard of Second Life to see what it can be used for and to help experienced users follow activity. Please do take a look: any feedback is very much appreciated from any perspective – in the comments or direct to me at j.scott @

PS: Any SL-experts out there – next on the to-do list is to use the Reg API to allow registration through the website. Anyone got any experience/advice on that?


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