New knowledgebase launched in Structural Biology

Yesterday we launched a new structural biology website, the PSI-Nature Structural Genomics Knowledgebase.

The site is a great addition to our existing collection of Gateways and Databases. The project is a collaboration with the Protein Structure Initiative, a large scale NIH-funded consortium to develop and apply high-throughput techniques for protein structure determination. They’ve been highly successful in generating new technologies that are available for others to use, and they’ve shown that structure determination work can be scaled up significantly.

Now that the site is launched, we’ll be providing monthly editorial updates that put developments in structural work into context for a wide range of biomedical researchers — for a little more about that read our press release.

The website is hosted at Rutgers University by the same team that hosts one of most significant and long-established databases, the Protein Data Bank, and we’re very pleased to be working them.


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