Nature Darwin Debate 2: What Price Biodiversity?

Quick plug for a very interesting Second Life event coming up on Monday: the second in the Nature Darwin Debate series.

Panelists James Lovelock, Michael Meacher MP and Sir Crispin Tickell will join chair Ehsan Masood for a live debate entitled What Price Biodiversity? As before, the debate will be held at Kings Place, London (just behind the Nature building) and will be live streamed in Second Life for anyone who can’t attend in person.

The last debate was excellent, both in RL and SL and this one looks like it will be just as good. It is Monday, 7pm GMT/ 12pm Pacific time (shorter time diff than normal, our clocks go forward this weekend; Europe not until the end of the month) and all are very welcome! For all the details, see our Second Life blog.


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