Public Interfaces

public-interfaces-menu.jpgWe just added last week a new section under our Librarian Gateway – Public Interfaces.

This is the beginning of a general documentation facility to cover all the various interfaces we are using on the platform for discovery and linking.

The aim is to consolidate technical documentation on the sometimes bewildering array of acronyms and to provide additional references to sources of information for users. Although this is listed under the Librarian Gateway the technologies listed here will be of interest not only to digital librarians but also to other communities as well.

We have kicked this section off with some well-established routes into DOI and OpenURL. We have also added some of the newer means for disclosing metadata through self-describing content: META tags for HTML, and XMP for PDF. And we’ve also provided details on our new OAIPMH service, as well as saying something about our long-standing stable of RSS feeds.

Further suggestions on how to improve these pages regarding what should be added or other changes we could make would be more than welcome.


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