Nature Web Feeds – A New Look

Nature Web Feeds - A New Look

We started publishing web feeds some three and a half years ago and were initially focused on machine-readable descriptions. Then (as now) this meant RSS 1.0 which as an RDF profile allowed for properties from multiple vocabularies to be added into the feed and (crucially) for the feed as a whole to be consumed by any RDF-aware application and for the properties to be added wholesale to any RDF model. We described the reasons behind this choice of RSS format in a paper published by D-Lib Magazine: The Role of RSS in Science Publishing. See the Web Feeds page on for a listing of our current RSS offerings.  Read more’s New Link Resolver has just released a new public link interface (resolver base URL is into its content using the ANSI/NISO standard “OpenURL Framework”. This now allows its users to build Web links using familiar citation-based metadata elements which complements the existing support for Web linking using the DOI, or Digital Object Identifier – a persistent and managed identifier. It allows users freedom from any proprietary link syntax. Here’s how it works.  Read more