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Nature Video presents…

(posted on behalf of Charlotte Stoddart) Two new Nature Videos have just gone online. First up, and my first solo video project, a film about Sci Foo 09. Here it is… If you enjoyed the film and would like to share it, you can embed it in your own blog by going to Nature Video’s YouTube Channel. Also just out, the trailer for our latest Lindau film series: Nobel Reactions. Every summer an extraordinary meeting between Nobel Laureates and young scientists takes place on Lindau Island in Germany. In 2009 it was the turn of the chemists and we were  … Read more

Nature Podcast reborn

After two years and 102 shows, we are relaunching the Nature Podcast today. We’ve got new music, some new presenters (Kerri Smith, and erm, yours truly) and some ace new features on the pod. These include the Podium: a soapbox monologue (so if you’ve got a campaign to launch, or you simply want to shout about something sciencey that’s bugging you then write to us at; and Sounds of Science, your chance to record some amazing sounds from your labspace or field, or anything that sounds awesome. This week we’ve got Nature’s top dog Philip Campbell at the Podium, and Sounds of Science is the quite brilliant Genome Dub Collective, who have set the Origin of Species to a reggae beat. Genius. Of course, that’s alongside the hottest new research on RNAi, 7000 year old rice paddies, and dinosaurs brought to life on the stage.  Read more

More Podcasts from Nature

With our fully functional studio up and running, and full time staff working our little socks off, we’ve recently scaled up our podcasting output to include new sections in the weekly Nature Podcast, as well as several stand-alone shows on Genetics, World Heart Day and Chemistry. Recent highlights have been evolution editor Henry Gee interviewing a leading paleoanthropologist over a curry, journalist Geoff Brumfiel persuading a senior NASA official to pretend to be a space shuttle after another delayed launch and an interview with a leading Iranian cosmologist on what it means to be a scientist and a Muslim in Iran. Look out for next week’s show which will feature both Nobel and Ig Nobel prize winners.  Read more

Nature Stem cells podcast

Last night we published a special one-off podcast on stem cells. Some of our listeners requested longer and more in depth podcasts to complement the weekly magazine show, the Nature Podcast, so this is in part a response to those requests. The show runs to an hour, and features interviews with authors from the Insight on stem cells, published in this week’s issue of Nature, but also a roundtable discussion and interviews from last week’s ESHRE conference in Prague. It’s presented by Gareth Mitchell in the Uk and Allan Coukell in Boston, BBC and NPR, respectively.  Read more