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Best of Nature Network for Monday, June 23: Self-genotyping, Research Integrity, and the Drawbacks of Blogrolls

Best of Nature Network for Monday, June 23: Self-genotyping, Research Integrity, and the Drawbacks of Blogrolls

Nature Network is an online meeting place for scientists all around the world, designed to facilitate discussion, form connections, and keep in touch. The following is the first in a weekly series of articles highlighting the best conversations on Nature Network. Check back here every Monday for a round-up of the previous week’s activity on Nature Network. Euan Adie, a Nature Network blogger, brings to Nature Network the science blog buzz surrounding California’s recent cease and desist order targeting direct-to-consumer genotyping companies. Euan elaborates that two issues California legislators have with the genotyping companies are that “…that the labs they  … Read more

WikiProteins – are a million minds listening?

A couple of days ago Barend Mons and colleagues published an article in Genome Biology about WikiProteins – a new way of asking a “million minds to annotate a million [biomedical] concepts”. On the face of it, it seems like an fine idea: combine text mining and other database trawling (Medline, GO, UniProt and others), distill some concept maps from that (Knowlets, they call them) and invite scientists to chip in via a wiki.  Read more

Science in the Streamosphere

Science in the Streamosphere

I was hoping to coin ‘the streamosphere’ but it’s already in Google. Neh. Anyway… The last month or two has seen many science 2.0 (for lack of a better term) bloggers pick up Twitter and FriendFeed. If you’ve never heard of the former then you probably shouldn’t be reading Nascent. The latter is an activity aggregator: you sign up, tell it which other services you use ( blogs?) and it generates a page listing all of your public activity across those services like the Facebook mini-feed writ large. You can see feeds from your friends and attach short comments  … Read more

Calling all neuroscientists-join the Neuroscience group on Nature Network

Over on Nature Network, we’ve recently started an online journal club in the Neuroscience group. It has more than 100 members and it’s one of the fastest growing groups on the site. Neuroscientists are talking about the latest research and trends in the field in the group’s forum. If you dig neuroscience, please join the group and join in the discussions.  Read more

Tim O’Reilly visits Nature

Tim O'Reilly visits Nature

Last Friday Tim O’Reilly dropped in on his way through london, and give a web seminar at Nature. We have been running these web seminars in Nature for about two years. They kicked off back then with talks from Jimmy Wales and David Weinberger and it was great to have Tim come in at the almost the two year mark to hear his take on 2.0 and beyond. Instead of giving a presentation Tim just opened the floor to questions. and I’ve cobbled together an account here. Everyone agrees that the internet is a transformative technology, and as the cost  … Read more

Thomas Vander Wal Visits Nature

Last Friday we welcomed Thomas “Folksonomy” Vander Wal to Nature. We spoke about various areas of join interest, including of course tagging and social software. Thomas was also kind enough to give a talk to assembled staff. Here are my impressionistic and rather inadequate notes from that session.  Read more