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Sensemaking in Multi-Fusion Environments

Jeff Jonas visited us again at the start of November and gave a talk about some of the new work that he is doing. Jeff is our first return speaker, and this time he gave us an update on his thinking about sensemaking systems and how that is effecting his on-going work in developing a new technology.  Read more

Google Wave Science Hack Day at Nature this Friday

I’m really happy to announce that we will be hosting a hack day on Friday for developing scientific applications in google wave. The event was thought up by Cameron Neylon and we at Nature were able to find a room and are able to provide interweb access and coffee. The JISC DevSci project and Google will be providing Pizza. If you have a google wave account you can check out the wave discussing this event.  Read more

Riding a Wave of Science

On Saturday the Science Online London 09 conference took place. The conference tag was #solo09. Martin Fenner has already gathered together some reactions to the conference. In the afternoon I had the pleasure to co-present on Google Wave with Cameron Neylon and Chris Thorpe. Cameron has already written up some reactions to our session.  Read more

Work for Nature, Go to SciFoo

A final reminder (from me, anyway) that entries for the Nature Network Blogging Challenge close on Monday, 5th January 2009. The winners get an all-expenses-paid trip to Science Foo Camp in summer 2009. For background reading, here’s a pair of Times Higher Ed articles: one to explain why you should go to SciFoo and another to size up the competition.  Read more