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    Ahmedani Muhammad Shoaib said:

     Unfortunately, this is a bitter fact that the male dominancy is direcly or indirectly evident in all corners of the global village. I dont know if it is natural or due to the prolonged dominancy of the men since creation that our general concept about the Lord is "masculine". Besides, religious history also indicates that all prophets had always been men. If  we see at the canvass of the globe, we will find that male dominancy is obvious even in those countries where gender equality slogan is considered as a symbol of their success. So I am really confused as what is the real and successful model of leadeship. Unfortunately, it is inherited chracteristic of the human kind that since stone age, we are worshiping, respecting and responding to those who have some nuisance value. So a factor of fear has penetrated in our gene as one of the most important factor of good governace. Generally males are arrogant, hard spoken and less courteous as compared to ladies, so they easily dominate. We have seen that the sub-ordinate generally less bother to the boss if she or he is a kind hearted, polite, sympathethetic and humane.  That is a why we have seen most of the successfully women had been termed as Iron women, Men like women or Strict one. Under the circumstances, I  am convinced that in the prevailing environment, masculine attitude is a key to success for the ladies. But in an environment where workers are senestive, caring, respectful, hard working and devoted, the gender does not make any difference. Rather in such ideal working environment,  females must be more successful as compared to  males due to  their caring and  kind nature.

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    Lynne Batik said:

    Problem 1.:  Assuming "aggressionmasculine" and "caring, nurturing, emotional intelligencefeminine."  By this metric, a good few of my undeniably male managers have been "feminine."  The mark of a good manager is the ability to work with people as people, period.  Similarly, however, there are oh-so-many women out there who are not naturally "nurturing."  This is not some gender inevitability….

    Problem 2:   Associating the traits so firmly with gender, as opposed to social status.  In my experience (backed up by some psychology studies, no cite to hand, sorry), people who start out in a higher social status are less likely to take any account of the emotions of those below them; those in more precarious social situations learn more emotional sensitivity, out of need to secure their positions.  Implication: any individual who hits high up the ladder early likely to end up "rigid, arrogent, less sensitive, more aggressive."  Think about, maybe women are "more sensitive" not out of a biological gender imperative, but out of social imperative — both culturally and in relative social status.  As default status changes, will we also see corresponding decrease in "normal" "female" social sensitivity.

    Problem 3:   Assuming that women will ever REACH a "leadership role" in academia or business in the first instance without regularly displaying "aggression."  Where does this assumption even come from?

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    Shivasankari Gomathinayagam said:

     I don’t think it is necessary to be aggressive. But I would say it helps to be a lot balanced and not to be too emotional. It is not healthy to treat everyone with the same empathy as we treat the family. (It is not wrong, but it is just practical to be so, so as to save ourself from exploitation). I have come across female leaders/ppl in higher positions often chosing to imitate the men since they would want to be successful in the male dominated academia/industry. I completely disagree with this. In order to be successful one dont need to be arrogant, you just have to be assertive. And u can be polite and assertive at the same time. Its simply possible.

    I, being a woman, though still a Graduate student ,would prefer to be assertive and not agressive when I lead a group.

    Aggressiveness in a relationship can win the talk but not hearts. Same is applicable to science as well!!

    cheers and keep smiling.

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    Lorraine Cook said:

    Being a woman in this society, I can say, gender is a big factor to consider on how people would treat you aside from your educational attainment. Since it is the norm that women are the weaker people in the society, this is commonly taken advantage of by men and not just men but also by some other women. So as a defense mechanism, women show that they have a strong personality, intelligent and firm. This kind of behavior is sometimes misunderstood by many as an arrogant response especially on the jobs they are in. And because of that some women may also become jealous women because they seem to take envy as part of the normal responses when they see another woman shine at the top because of her consistent strong and firm behavior.