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    young lee said:

    Well written with some good points made. A very close friend of mine was recently called into have a chat with her boss. She works for a well known global company and often works from 7pm till 10pm but it seems this isn’t enough. Her boss basically said that she needs to have a serious think about what she wants and that she thinks that her position and having young children isn’t compatible.
    Myself as a male was left a bit speechless after being treated in a sexist way the other day at the doctors. I’ve written a short blog post about it here….

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      Joanne Kamens said:

      I hear you Young Lee. I read your blog and was said to hear this is STILL happening. The original Keynote speech from which I derived this blog post had a story about my husband bringing my son to the doctor about 18 years ago for a couple of stitches and the doctor putting on his gloves while saying, “I can’t put stitches in this child with the MOTHER not present”. Joke was on him, due to our work logistics my husband took care very competently of most of our children’s health care for the early years. This example of implicit bias is appalling. Who else has had this happen?

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    Mohammad ilyas said:

    Gender base biasness is the common problem face by most of the modern day societies in which women are judged by their colour rather than their skills………………………great effort will be required on concrete basis to change our attitude.

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    Anette Magnussen said:

    I can say I gave experienced all the issues above apart from the ‘maternal wall’ – I have no children. My PI used to double check my input in meetings with a male member of staff, but never the other way around. Back in Europe I worked for women too, but that wasn’t better. Reviewers rejected grant applications on irrelevant grounds, at one point I applied for an internal grant only to continue the work I was already hired for and was rejected that I would not be fit to start my own lab, which wasn’t the plan anyways.
    You have to be really tough and determined to make it to senior positions.