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    Scarlet Kleen said:

    Personally I believe the key to writing a good paper is enjoying the whole process, and if you don’t, you are bound to get bored and to get over with it as soon as possible and this leads to bad quality, or a paper not worth reading, or both. Actually, I’m also in the process of writing my PhD thesis and during the first couple of months I stumbled across quite a few issues that could have make me fail. The very first one was the same one mentioned in the first paragraph of this article – having a big deadline made me relaxed and postponing everything until the following day, and then postponing again and again until my supervisor asked what have I do or whether I even have a plan. But I had none. My supervisor definitely made me see the importance of time management. Sometimes I feel she is worried about my research more than I. But it is comforting to know that you are not alone in this. My friend’s supervisor is totally different, he just answers vaguely and tries not to get involved in the whole process which makes her doubt whether or not she is on the right track. That’s why I also think a good and understanding supervisor matters to success with thesis writing. Also, knowing what one should write about and understanding how this should be done is another key to thesis writing. Many make mistakes by including too much theory just to meet a certain page limit or they think if a thesis has 200 pages than it is a good one but quantity not necessarily means quality. Once I heard a student wrote a 3-page thesis in molecular biology just by simply creating a new formula. Besides, as mentioned in the editorial in Nature Immunology ‘style is the art of clarity, concision and uniformity of presentation of word or idea, in written form or in picture.’ And I personally believe such style can make any PhD thesis an outstanding one. All in all, writing thesis is a challenging task but not impossible to do. Various guides like from your grad school, or blog entries on how to write a PhD thesis, or consulting your supervisor or writers for example from or tutors from, or going to dissertation writing workshops would come in handy but you should always enjoy what you do to so it successfully.P.S. good luck to me and all those who are currently writing their PhD thesis.