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    heather Doran said:

    A great post. It’s good to see some of the different experiences and pathways of people in research being shared and explored on this blog. No two careers are the same and many people have to go through similar decisions about moving further afield for their research work. It’s also good to see how the nature of relationships external to the research environment can impact on what decisions are made (and how, quite rightly these are factored in when thinking about the decision).

    Looking forward to reading more about your journey and best of luck Gina!

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    Robin Winning said:

    Very interesting first post. I look forward to reading more of your adventure soon!

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    Pushpendra kumar vishwakarma said:

    First of all Congratulations Gina…!!!! on both of yours successful efforts.
    Your story somewhere belongs to mine, I also did the same for my Masters from England. and looking forward to take the step once again to somewhere else. It would be very interesting to read about your experiences of Brazil ahead..!!

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    Alex Taranto said:

    Dear Gina,
    You and your husband will be very welcome in Brazil. But the match against Germany is only a piece of iceberg of our problems…Have a nice travel!

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    Mahankhali Chary said:

    Dear Gina Maffey,

    Yes, nothing comes before football. This reflects worldwide scenario of research scholars in finding a job. First of all research funding from government sector is melting down in most of the Asian countries especially in India. In addition, new industries are not coming up as the number of researchers to accommodate.
    Good decision, let us hope you will find dawn of a ‘New Sun’ at Brazil.
    I wish all the best in your career.
    Nice, write up please continue.

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    Gina Maffey said:

    Thanks for the comments everyone – Pushpendra and Alex it’s great to hear that you’ll be following the series.

    Heather – I hope you’ll see more discussion on the topics you mentioned in later posts.

    Alex – thank you for the welcome, we’re looking forward to seeing more of the iceberg!