1. Ben Schwessinger said:

    Nice post about funding. I would like to add the Human Frontier Science Program, who funds postdocs for three years including salary and a bit of research funding Successful applicants can also apply for a follow up Career Development grant providing a start up fund for your own lab. In Australia the DECRAs are also funds for postdocs including salary and a varying amount of research funding ($10K-$120K) The allow a mentored independence depending on the specific situation.
    In Europe the EMBO fellowship provides salary for a postdoc for two years however no research funding
    Good luck! It’s always worth applying!

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  2. Maya Mar said:

    Nice post indeed. I would also like to see a post about what one could do after the post-doc series… We have now thousands of post-docs and formers post-docs who find no other position, even after having 10 years research experience and great CVs. I myself have many colleagues at non-experience and experience post-doc level that are now unemployed… I don’t find it normal to be leaded towards science and going for a scientific career and study and work hard when you are not needed. I mean there are too many PhDs and very few opportunities to follow after the PhD or post-doc.