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    Mahankhali Chary said:

    Finding a suitable post-doc position will wave the better path to the future career. Some people argue that before joining the post-doc lab one must think about funding and outcome of research publications. However, in my opinion getting a suitable post-doc position itself is difficult and thinking about the future outcome may ruin/stop their career. Because career not only depends on post-doc lab but it also depends on various factors including their previous doctoral work, name of the mentor as well as their social relationship.

    First of all career mainly depends on previous academic achievements, name of the graduation university as well as the work done during doctoral research. In addition, the name and fame of doctoral supervisor, research institution/university and country. Moreover the output of the research work published during the doctoral research.

    Secondly, if someone have good relationship with their seniors, there is every chance to get good post-doc position in good lab with better funding. Lastly, Ph. D mentor may also help the candidate to get a good postdoc positions.

    However, if the researcher doesn’t have excellent doctoral work and the mentor is not interested to help the candidate to get the post-doc. Then instead of continuing the career without post-doc experience, it is better to join post-doc where one get the opportunity. Because, who knows the research may produce ‘serendipity’ results. Hence work hard with understanding and enjoy the work what you do.

    Good luck to all the post-doc aspirants.

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    Dell'Aquila Caterina said:

    I agree with Mahankhali. Based on my experience, I think the problem is how to get a postdoc rather than how to find a suitable lab. A lot of factors, as Mahankhali mentioned, play an important role in choosing the right lab. It’s difficult and this is why I ended up to do something I don’t want to do and if you limit your search to all these factors, it will be impossible!