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    Mahankhali Chary said:

    Dear Professor,

    It is an interesting topic that you have choose to explain to the readers about “Mentoring: The perspective of Nobel Laureates”. Yes, indeed it is true that the young generation scientists are more dependent on guidance than those who came before. In my point of view, there are three main reasons behind this scenario of present trend.

    Firstly, the quality of research changed from basic research to publication based research. Moreover the research is dependent on internet based literature but not on original.

    Secondly, the present curriculum of Ph. D. has become just like an academic degree, where if some one completes their three or five years of tenure, then they will be awarded a Ph. D. degree irrespective of the research outcome (exceptionally, in some cases).

    Lastly, the main reason is unemployment. Because, presently it is very difficult to get a permanent position in the market even after excellent career and research publications. This in turn making the young scientists more dependent on seniors then before.

    In conclusion, young scientists are more dependent on seniors then previous, because of quality of research they have performed, curriculum of Ph. D. and the present global scenario of unemployment. Let us hope, in future a day may welcome with lot of funding, liberty of choosing the research topic and plenty of jobs to the scientists.

    Thank you for the blog, and I hope, in future the author will come up with lot of information about the present scenario of young scientists along with some important ways to overcome these problems.