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    Cary Tucker said:

    It was great reading this post on career planning. Well, planning a suitable career and choosing a speciality is a critical component for your development as a physician. The career planning process includes four essential steps such as understanding yourself, analyzing your options, choosing a medical specialty and getting into residency. Apart from opting a great career, one needs to find out the future aspects or the current demand of the option chosen. The career counsellors or recruiters help with a current scenario and to an extent, the future aspects of the field opted. Going with analysts like,,, etc. help organisations fetch skilled candidates for a suitable position.

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    Tristin Freeman said:

    This post is very useful for a college student like me. It gets me thinking about various things that I want out of life and also its like a road map to how to begin a successful career. I’ve learned that in life many times its not about what you know its about who you know and I’m ecstatic to know that I have been on the right track as far as thinking for the future goes.