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    Annabelle Grykk said:

    Surely, having PhD significantly boosts your career opportunities but I don’t think it is a must. For example, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson (more examples at didn’t graduate college but did pretty good and achieved what they wanted. So, having a degree doesn’t mean much. Well, except having to pay huge fees and then later spending years to pay off your student loan. These are the main problems a good half of students worldwide is facing and these become a good reasong to go to college or grad school but invest money in yourself. Still, there is another issue – whether you can pull it off. This is a big risk and no one is ready to take it. That’s why articles like at talk about going to grad school and having great time. Nevertheless, the decision is always yours.

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    Annabelle Grykk said:

    This is a big risk and not everyone is ready to take it ****

    small correction to my previous post

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    ezequiel monteagudo said:

    Fully agree, I did my PhD part in industry and part at the university lab, it was a huge sacrifice and you need to be patient, but at the end, a PhD profile with industrial experience gave me all the opportunities i was looking for.