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    Sergey Arkhipov said:

    About using journal article graphics in the presentation, I think you can use it wisely.
    But before copying, just rise a magnification of the pdf-page (to 400-500% or more), then copy and paste the fragment of illustration of your interest; the resolution of this graphics should be enough to magnify copied & pasted image.

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    DAvid Rubenson said:

    It is more complicated than simply exploding the size of a graphic. Journal article graphics are made for an audience that sit an stare as long as they want and can reread the lengthy text caption. Graphics for a slide presentation need to be focused on delivering a single message. The axes must be easy to understand. Every slide needs to focus on a single overarching message. Journal article graphics typically contain multiple messages.

    So take the time, eliminate data that doesn’t support the overarching message, and redraw the slide so the audience can quickly grasp its purpose.