1. Pawel Tulinski said:

    I have to say that I completely disagree. I have been looking for a job in industry for more than 3 years after my PhD…mainly in EU…. and I am always hearing that: I do not have industrial experience – working in academia is not work related experience – I did not work under GMP regulation (1 day in house training) or do not have knowledge of other regulation and the best one… as an academic I am not focus on delivery the results etc…….and I cannot apply for a “lower” level positions like technician – in order to gain industrial experience because I am overqualified…..

    1. Angela Fallegger said:

      Hi everybody. This post is already older, but I want to know whether someone else has some experiences about the transition. I just finished my master and I am now looking for PhD positions. I need to say that I am so motivated in the moment to do a PhD, I even found some positions that really interest me. I want to start right away and not loose any time. However, many people say, that I will have problems in the future when I do not do kind of an internship somewhere first in order to get experience. Except the internships I had to do during university, I have no external experience yet. What do you think about that – is it possible to make the transition after the PhD, even with no experience in industry before? Or do I really have to wait with my PhD and do an internship first?

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