1. Wojciech Paslawski said:

    I have made my PhD in Denmark, where the standard PhD takes 3 years. You can get the extension of max 3 months, but only in extraordinary circumstances.

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  2. Maria Eugenia Gonzalez said:

    The three-year PhD program will only succeed if most of scientific skills are previously acquired throughout the BS and MS degrees. Scientific training takes longer than three years and Ph.D. holders should satisfy the job market demand for talented and highly skilled professionals.

  3. Michele De Bortoli said:

    I think that we should not omit to consider the entry requirements: if a two-years Master degree is required to be admitted to the PhD programme, and if scientific training provided by the MS is thematic and high-quality, a three-year PhD should be good for most students. Of course, a reasonable grace period to submit and discuss the thesis should be envisaged.