1. David Craig said:

    The number of students each year drawfs the number of jobs, and the trend seems to be growing. New bachelor graduates in recent surveys are 10x the number of positions, so graduate school is the only option. at some level, as the article hints, there is a demand for masters degree. The growth is strongest in the bioinformatics masters with programs at John Hopkins, USC, Stanford among others. The career routes can contain more routes and better compensation with a work/family life that doesn’t involve working at near poverty level often in some of the expensive cities in the world. This article hints on it – but it would great for this blog to explore some of these non-Ph.D. master’s routes. With more students taking these options (particularly when their goals don’t require a Ph.D). we could perhaps give those committed to academic positions better odds of success. Ph.D. is one route, masters in another as the article indicates. I would love to see this blog look at Master’s routes. David Wesley Craig, USC (

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