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Naturejobs podcast: Meaningful mentoring

d41586-017-07836-y_15264448To mark the 2017 Nature Awards for Mentoring in Science and the launch of our online mentoring resource at, we’ve put together a podcast that reflects the importance of top quality mentoring and coaching to early career researchers.

We speak to Saso Kocevar, founder and managing director of HFP consulting, a company that coaches science researchers in leadership, communication and conflict management. Saso tells us what supervisors and PIs can do to support their researchers through difficult times.

Darren Lee, business leader for measurement and analysis at the UK National Nuclear Laboratory, has had experience in working and building teams in industry and academia. He shares his insights into what it takes to build a good research team with a positive, supportive working culture.

Safe travels

The festive season is almost upon us, and many of us hit the road to join friends and family, often carrying work laptops and other mobile devices with us. Mark Gerstein, a bioinformatician at Yale University, reminds us about the importance of keeping data safe when we travel. Mark featured in a 2017 Toolbox article Cybersecurity for the travelling scientist.

Ask an expert

This month’s career question comes from Daniela Catania, a marine ecology Phd researcher in the ECOMERS lab at Nice Sophia Antipolis University in France. Daniela wants advice on how to convince a new employer that she’s willing to learn new skills for a career in industry. Joanne Kamens, executive director at non-profit plasmid repository Addgene, answers her question.

If you have a career question send it to naturejobseditor at naturejobs dot com and we will do our best to find a relevant expert to answer it for you in a future podcast.

Find out more

You can find out more about mentoring at, which brings together mentoring resources from across Nature Research Group. And read more about this year’s winners at this link.

Julie Gould is a freelance science writer and podcast producer.



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