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Q. Dear Editor

My collaborators and I just submitted a paper to Nature. We would like to know whether we can send the present paper on the physics arxiv web site (see for example or if – to respect Nature policy– we should wait for the editorial decision.

A. Dear Author

Thank you for your message. It would be fine for you to send your preprint to the arxiv site, or any other recognised community preprint server. Please provide the arxiv reference number to the editor handling your paper for his/her information, though.

Our policy is here:

“Contributions submitted to, in press with or published in Nature must not be posted on any web site, except for preprints posted on recognized preprint servers (such as ArXiv) where this is community practice. The server concerned must be identified to the editor in the cover letter accompanying submission of the paper, and the content of the paper must not be advertised to the media by virtue of being on the preprint server, as explained fully in Nature.”

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    Michael Barton said:

    This is commendable and good for the community.

    However, what happens if the paper is rejected by nature, and another has a different journal has a different policy?

    If all journals don’t have the same policy, this sort of submission could be risky.

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    Maxine Clarke said:

    This is a good point. Most quality journals allow authors to publish on preprint servers in advance of submission, especially in the physical sciences. But authors would be well advised to check first on the policy of any journal to which they might submit their paper, before publishing it as a preprint.

    All the Nature journals encourage community discussion of results.

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