Presentations at the nanoscale

Scientific meetings and conferences come in all shapes and size, and love them or loathe them, they have an important role to play in all areas of science. That’s the start of Nature Nanotechnology‘s July Editorial (3, 371; 2008). The article goes on to discuss the size of the upcoming third International Conference on Nanoscience + Technology, a medium-scale affair compared with other mega- and nano-meetings assessed. The Editorial concludes:

In time-honoured style I have reached the end of this article without covering a very important conference topic — how to give a good conference talk. I could exceed my allotted slot by listing various do’s and don’ts, but the golden rule when giving talks is to finish on time, so I will refer you to previous articles on this topic written by colleagues on other Nature journals (Nature Methods and Nature Physics). The secret, they conclude, is to rehearse and to always remember that you are speaking for the audience and not to yourself. Thank you.


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