Happy first birthday to SciBX

SciBX (Science-Business Exchange) is a year old, and executive editor Gaspar Taroncher-Oldenburg describes the publication’s progress in an editorial in the current (February) issue (SciBX 2, doi:10.1038/scibx.2009.167). SciBX is mapping the translational space in depth, based on the collaboration between Nature Publishing Group and BioCentury to identify science with commercial potential and to describe the work required to complete the transition from bench to bedside. Gaspar writes:

“In its first-year assessment of the scientific space, the SciBX team evaluated more than 16,000 peer-reviewed journal articles published in over 40 top life science journals and selected over 2,000 papers for further editorial review of their scientific and commercial merit. This effort resulted in the publication of more than 850 Distillery briefings distributed across 19 disease classes.” The largest segment of peer-reviewed science with commercial potential is being produced in the ‘cancer space’, even though most disease-related deaths worldwide are from cardiovascular disease. Statistics are provided on the proportion of peer-reviewed papers covered; the money raised by private and public biotechnology organizations; NIH funding by discipline, 2008; and WHO disease burden from 2004, projected to 2030. The article further explores how research efforts focused on cancer do not reflect the public health burden created by other diseases.

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