Cromer is SO bracing unconference report

I would like to share an email I received today from my colleague Henry Gee:

This weekend I hosted a Nature Network ‘unconference’ in Cromer called ‘Cromer Is SO Bracing’. The meeting featured a geological field trip, a workshop on crocheting toy marine invertebrates, and the scripting and shooting of a short film called ‘Cromer: Darwin’s Lost Weekend’ (coming to a YouTube page near you soon).

The meeting was blogged, twittered, webcast and friendfeeded as much as possible, so on the off-chance that all this is new to you, you can find out what we got up to through a series of five linked posts on my blog, starting with this one

And progressing in order: Friday lunchtime; pier review; Saturday afternoon; and Sunday.

Delegate Erika Cule has blogged about it here (day one) and here (day two).

The meeting was trailed by the most famous science blogger on the net.

And, believe it or not, you can even buy souvenir T-shirts!

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