Nature Chemistry is here!

Neil Withers announces in a post at Sceptical Chymist blog with the title The Sceptical Chymist: Nature Chemistry, volume 1, issue 1 that the first issue of Nature Chemistry is now live, and freely available for everyone to read and enjoy. Neil reports that fellow-N Chem editors Stu and Gav are now in Salt Lake City as for the Spring ACS (American Chemical Society) Meeting, and that Anne is just off to Tokyo to work there from now on, and will also be visiting the Japanese Chemical Society Meeting starting this week. Feel free to visit the stand at the ACS exposition or to chat to the editors as they make their jetlagged way around!

More news about Nature Chemistry is at the Sceptical Chymist blog post. And a detailed, independent analysis of some of the features in the new journal is provided by Egon Willighagen at Chem-bla-ics blog. At the end of a very informative “tour of good things, and points for improvement” concerning data-richness, Egon concludes: “I am rather positive about the first Nature Chemistry issue, and like to thank the editors and paper authors for their efforts on improving publishing chemistry!”

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